Invisalign is an orthodontic system to straighten crooked teeth and close gaps between teeth. Only Invisalign-certified practitioners are certified to fit Invisalign braces – at Bray dental, we are certified to fit Invisalign systems.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works using a clear ‘aligner’, which is why they are also known as ‘Clear Braces’. The clear aligners are made using 3-D computer technology to fit your teeth exactly, and, over time, your teeth are moved into the desired position using a new set of aligners.

In order for Invisalign to work, you need to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day and wear a new set of aligners every two weeks. Most orthodontic cases are ideally suited for Invisalign treatment. For instance, crooked teeth, crossbites or crowding are easily corrected with Invisalign. In some severe cases, other types of braces are required. Contact us to book a consultation to investigate whether Invisalign is the way forward for you.

Why should I choose Invisalign?

If you qualify for Invisalign treatment, then there are three main reasons to choose to straighten your teeth with Invisalign. Firstly, Invisalign braces are more comfortable to wear than metal braces. This is because they do not contain sharp metal components, like fixed braces, and the discomfort gradually disappears after a few days of wearing a new aligner.

Secondly, Invisalign appliances are very convenient – you can take them out to eat or drink, which means less chance of food particles becoming lodged in between braces and teeth. This also enables you to maintain good oral hygiene because you can remove the aligner and floss as usual.

And thirdly, Invisalign aligners are unique because they are transparent. Therefore, a major benefit is that they don’t change the way you look and you needn’t feel embarrassed about smiling when receiving orthodontic treatment.

What am I to expect from treatment?

If you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment using Invisalign, we will discuss how to obtain your desired smile and take a mould of your teeth. The next step we take is creating a 3-D digital model of your teeth using a CT scan at the Invisalign lab. Using the 3-D model, we can compare the actual and desired position of your teeth and simulate the predicted movement of your teeth. We will use the model to manufacture your custom-made aligners.

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